About Me

Hey there, I’m Tomasz Zdankowski, the creative mind behind this little corner of the internet. Welcome to my personal creative escape!

Now and again, when mundane is too much, I like to find a project to keep my creative juices flowing. To take my mind off “things” to focus on creating “something”, be it a photography project, a diy adventure, doodling or some other way to et my hand dirty.

Beyond the captivating clicks, I’m an enthusiast of turning ordinary into extraordinary. Whether it’s building something from scratch or repurposing the forgotten, I find joy in making things uniquely mine.

Why “My Personal Creative Escape?” Because here, there are no boundaries, no deadlines – just a canvas where my imagination runs wild, and where you’re invited to join the journey.

So, whether you share my love for images that tell stories or the thrill of transforming ideas into tangible wonders, I hope you find a spark of inspiration here.