USA 2023

Seria zdjęć z męskiego wypadu do Nevady, Kaliforni, Arizony i Utah. Na zdjęciach: Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Zion Park i kadry z Route 66.

Bydgoszcz 2019

Photographs are considered moments frozen in time. You can generally quickly place a photo on a timeline: vintage, pre-war, post-war, modern… The tell tell signs are the quality, colours or lack of them, objects, people… But when you take the people out and find a suitable subject the ability to place the photograph on a …

Katie&Mark Coasters

From initial concept to final product. Thinking about a wedding gift for our English friends, I came up with an idea of crafting coasters for their ‘five o’clock tea.’ The coasters were cut using my diy cnc router from three-layer plywood. Then, they were stained. I find the result quite intriguing.

Media Alternatywny Teksty

People of Music

Photoshoots with London based musicians. Elsa Chapman, Shereen Shabana, Ashley Hicklin, PAKT, Silent Eternity.

Exhibition “Young Polish Artists”

Photoshoot with actors of a self-proclaimed theatre – The Bones Theatre, Krystian Godlewski and Kamil Adamus. Project prepared for group exhibition in London’s City Hall.

POSK Exhibition

Series prepared for Young Polish Artists exhibition in POSK Gallery in London.